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Tournaments - 2018


2018 Port Stephens Open

We had a small team comprised of both Poomsae and Sparring competitors attend the 2018 Port Stephens Championships. This was the first competition of the year for these competitors, and a great way to warm up for a busy competition season.

The Poomsae team performed well, and gathered some valuable footage to analyse and improve their skills for future competitions. Some members were also lucky to receive feedback from a visiting Grandmaster Sim Pan, an experienced and very highly qualified Poomsae Coach. This will go a long way towards helping our team improve in the future.

Both Kane and Georgia fought with an extremely strong presence and ability, setting themselves up for a successful year. Kane fought with a cool and relaxed demenor while controlling his opponent and trying new kicks and tactics. Georgia made her return to the court after a decent absence and quickly regained her confidence in the strongest showing of the day. Both Georgia and Mr Justin received Best Performance Trophies in their disciplines.


  • Best Black Belt Sparring - Georgia
  • Best Black Belt Poomsae - Mr Justin



  • Mr Justin - Gold
  • Emily - Gold
  • Jutta - Gold
  • Noah - Gold
  • Joseph - Silver
  • Joseph/Emily/Noah - Gold (Teams)



  • Georgia - Gold
  • Kane - Gold


2018 Japan WATAICTO

This year we sent 6 of our competition members overseas to compete in the WATA ICTO competition in Japan. This team consisted of 2 Senior Poomsae Competitors and 4 Junior sparring Competitors. These 6 Competitors brought home 6 medals, with a total of 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.
In Poomsae, Mr Justin competed in a very large division of 25 people, making it through 2 rounds before taking the Gold medal of the division. Jutta Giggenbach competed in her very first international event, displaying two high level Poomsae and earning the Silver.

In our first day of Sparring, Justin Harvey fought very hard to earn a bronze medal in his semi-final fight, as did Sophia Bazina who only narrowly missed out on moving to the final, chasing points to end and scoring a head shot just after the buzzer. Josh Lui fought 2 fights, winning the first by superiority and then his second by 20 Point gap.

The second day had the Final matches for sparring, with both Josh and Jenina Lui fighting in their respective finals to both get hard earned silver medals.



 2018 NSW Hanmadang


Some members from our Poomsae Team attended the NSW Hanmadang. All members showed improvement from the previous week at the State Championships and accomplished their previously set goals.

As a team this year, we are concentrating on achieving set goals and improving performances rather than medals, especially with many competitions having small or uncontested divisions. All members have showed an ability to assess their performance and set new standards for the next performance, which is a very important skill in Poomsae Competition.

Our final tally was 4 Gold and 1 Bronze.



 2018 April NSW State Competition


This was the first State Championships of 2018, and we are proud to say that HDMA has 7 Current State Champions. Congratulations to all members who attended, they all learned a lot for their next competition experience and are ready to do even better next time!


  • Justin Paterson (Gold x2)
  • Joseph Mathias (Gold x2)
  • Noah Grofski (Gold, Silver, Bronze)
  • Luca Burgio (Gold)
  • Chantelle Choi (Gold)
  • Emily Seow (Gold)
  • Justine Hauser (Bronze)


  • Kane Belcastro (Gold)
  • Georgia Milner (Bronze) 




 2018 Forster Invitational


Another successful year at the Forster Development Competition! Congratulations to all members who attended and continued to show our club's great reputation for sportsmanship and effort. Members participated accross many events including Poomsae, Breaking, Self Defence and Sparring.

Our full medal tally from 13 members was 22 Gold, 9 Silver and 3 Bronze. A few members also received trophies as recognition of their efforts through the day.

  • Levi Morrison - Overall Outstanding Performance
  • Callum Ide - Outstanding Technical
  • Diane McEwan - Rising Star
  • Kern Sharma - Rising Star
  • Grace Cavanagh - Rising Star



 2018 Gold Coast Open


A lot of action this weekend at the 2018 Gold Coast Open! Four of our Junior and Cadet athletes travelled north with Miss Yokk to compete at the two day event. The Gold Coast Open is a great event for local, interstate and sometimes international level games.

The Cadets (Georgia, Kane and Josh) competed on Day 1, doing well in their respective divisions. Georgia fought well in her division, winning her Final in Golden Point (first one to score wins) with a clean Head Kick! Josh fought well but was unable to settle into the correct distance, bowing out in his Semi-Final match. Kane competed in two divisions, regular and one weight division higher. In his first division he ended both fights with 20 point gaps, while the second was a difficult nail-biter, chasing at the end and managing to snatch a win from his opponent in the last second with a head kick to take the lead!

Juliet, our sole Junior fighter took the mats on Day 2 with a dominant performance in her regular division, winning the final by 20 point gap. Unfortunately, her fighters pulled out from the next division. The total tally was 5 Gold and 1 Bronze from four players. Well done everyone! 



 August NSW State Championships

Fantastic effort from our Sparring and Poomsae Team this weekend at the NSW State Championships! The team returned with 4 Gold and 2 Silver Medals, meaning HDMA currently has 4 State Champions!

Kane was our first fighter and brought a strong barrage of high level techniques to defeat his opponent 52 - 5 after the second round. Josh fought next, stepping up his preparation and won against his opponent in a narrow victory with a couple of great head kicks. Georgia was our last fighter, unfortunately having to wait all day, however she didn't let it throw her off and gave a strong performance to win by 20 point gap after the second round.

In Poomsae, Chantelle had her first competition in Red Belt level, performing well to win her division. Justine continues to improve with stronger Poomsae at each competition to earn a Silver. Emily had a very close division, giving her best performance sofar to earn a Silver.

Unfortunately several of our players who entered Sparring were uncontested, however they will automatically qualify to fight at the National Championships where we are sure they'll perform very well!

Current State Champions

  • Kane Belcastro
  • Georgia Milner
  • Joshua Lui
  • Chantelle Choi


 2018 AUstralian National Championships

Here we are at the pinacle event of the Australian Taekwondo calendar: The 2018 Australian National Championships! It's been a long year of preparation and competition, and time to lay it all on the line and make an IMPACT in the 2018 Championships!

This year we had five competitors travelling down to the town of Bendigo in Victoria for the competition. All five qualified to attend at the previous State Championships. From our five players, we are very proud to announce that we have TWO National Champions from our team!

Juliet Lahood and Kane Belcastro fought through their opponents to claim the top prize in their respective divisions and come home with a Gold Medal. Jenina Lui, Georgia Milner and Joshua Lui left it all on the mat and fought their best to all come away with Bronze Medals.

A huge congratulations is deserved to all players for their efforts throughout the year! Regardless of result, they will now return to redouble their efforts for future competitions! 



 2018 ASMA SPring Open

The Poomsae Team attended the 2018 ASMA Spring Open looking to add to their full year of competitions. The team has been training hard all year consistently and the results have shown through the performances. This time, the team was a small one, consisting of only four members, however each were eager to make an impression on the judges.

All members started the day by setting some individual goals for their performances to help keep them on track. As the Coach, Mr Justin also set some team goals for everyone to strive towards as well. After their performances, the team debriefed, looking at what we need to work on moving forward and positives and negatives from the day's competition.

All members are showing consistent improvement. Luca and Jack both earned Gold, Emily Silver and a Bronze for Ariana. A special mention goes to Jack who performed confidently in his first competition as a member of the team!

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