Hills District Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo & Hapkido

Tournaments - 2016

Last Competition for 2016!

In our last tournament of 2016, the Sparring Squad attended the State Sports Center to contest the State Championships.

Surrounded by the very best, they put forth their best effort and came away with some great results!

  • Joshua Waller - Gold x2
  • Georgia Milner - Gold
  • Sophia Bazina - Gold
  • Kane Belcastro - Gold
  • Grant Carver - Gold (Juniors), Bronze (Seniors)
  • Breanne Nader - Silver x2
  • Breanna Rochester - Silver
  • Joshua Lui - Silver
  • Jenina Lui - Silver
  • Charlie Rochester - Bronze
Even though it's the end of the year, the team won't be stopping anytime soon! More training awaits until the holiday season to prepare for next year!

Oceania CHampion

A HUGE congratulations to our own Juliet Lahood who recently undertook a huge journey to the Oceania Championships in Suva, Fiji.

Juliet was selected earlier in the year and has since spent a lot of time preparing for this great opportunity. She joined the team over there and fought through difficult and uncomfortable conditions to come out ahead 19 - 5, effectively beating her opponent via 12 point gap in the third round!

We're very proud of our resident Oceania Champion and can't wait to hear her story when she returns soon!

10th Annual CK INternational championship in Malaysia

Well done to our International Sparring Team over the weekend competing in the 10th CK Malaysian Open International Competition! The competition was attended by Master Sam, 4 competitors and a large contingent of supporters! The medal tally was 1 Gold, 2 Silver and 1 Bronze.

The first day saw Kane Belcastro make his way through 4 matches to claim a Silver Medal, going down by only one point!

The second day had both of our Junior Division athletes (Claire Davis and Grant Carver) competing in stacked divisions. Grant fought well and earned himself a Bronze in the Semi Fina Round. Claire fought through three fights to the final, coming away with a Silver.

On the final day, Juliet stormed her way through all 4 opponents to come away with a well earned Gold Medal!

The preparation for this competition has been months in the making and all athletes put their best foot forward. A massive thank you to Master Sam for all the hours sacrificed to give our members the best chance possible at this huge event!

2016 NSW All Schools Competition

The 2016 All Schools Competition was held in Riverview College this year and it was an awesome experience from our members!

The final Medal Tally was 13 Gold, 12 Silver and 7 Bronze.

Every year a school with more than 5 members representing it has the eligibility to win the perpetual trophy, and this year it was won by 6 of our members competing under Pacific Hills Christian School! Congratulations to Michael Nader, Chelsie Nader, Breanne Nader, Mathew Nader, Thomas Mason, Antonia Lahood and Gerry Lahood! The trophy was presented to the school by Mr Justin and it will stay there until the next All Schools Championships next year!

Our Oceania Championships represenative Juliet Lahood was also interviewed in front of the entire audience on being a role model and her experiences overseas in the World Cadet Championships!

2016 National championships


It's already been a full year since the 2015 Nationals and none of us can believe it! This year has moved so fast and it's almost over already.

This year 6 of our players contested various divisions at Nationals; Grant, Breanne, Juliet, Jenina, Kane and Josh.

All showed the results of their training and more, and both Master Sam and Miss Yokk were impressed with their performances. Grant fought a close match but was unable to come away with the win, going down 13 - 11 in a tight finish.

Josh fought hard but was also unable to advance and went down in the semi-final round to receive a Bronze.

Kane won his first match and proceeded to the semi-final to receive a Bronze as well.

Breanne fought her way through the first round into the final to earn herself a Silver Medal.

Jenina fought through two difficult fights to win the final and receive a Gold! This is Jenina's second year in a row as reigning National Champion for her division!

Juliet also fought through two difficult fights and a close rival to earn herself a Gold Medal and National Championship! A Gold here cements Juliet's selection to the National Team for the upcoming Oceania Championships, a G2 event held in Fiji later in the year!

2016 ASMA Olympic Dream Championships


This July marked the latest Australian Martial Arts Assosiation Fighting Chance Competition: "Road to Rio, The Olympic Dream"!

The competition was hosted by Ali Khalil, 2 time Australian Olympic Coach, with special guest appearances by two of our 2016 Rio Olympic Representatives, Safwan Khalil and Hayder Shakara.

Our team put on a good display of skill and spirit, and came away with a total of 6 Gold, 6 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

Harrison Howard was also awarded the trophy for Outstanding Male Competitor due to his performance in Sparring and his Musical Weapons Pattern, in which he displayed great skill with Kamas.

We are now full steam ahead for State and National Championships in the next month!

2016 Oceania Presidents Cup

2016 has been a busy year for our Competition Team, and we're still only halfway done! This weekend was the 2016 Oceania President's Cup, held in Canberra between the Oceania region countries.

Claire, Juliet and Grant attended this competition based on performances throughout the year. Unfortunately Kane pulled out due to illness.

Juliet was up first and brought it to a close second place losing only by one point. Grant had his fight next after a full day wait and managed to keep it close, missing out by three points, losing to a Reverse Turn in the final 10 seconds. Claire managed to win her first fight convincingly, however in her second fight (11:30pm at night!) she missed out against an experienced player, coming away with a Bronze.

It was a tough day for the team, with delays causing the competition to extend long into the night, however this is a part of competitions unfortunately and is just another challenge to prepare for.

The team is now well into preparations for State and National Championships coming up in August!

2016 Gold Coast Open and Forster Invitational

In an action packed weekend, the HDMA family attended two different competitions in not only two different locations, but two different states! Miss Yokk helmed the efforts at the Gold Coast Open while Master Sam and Mr Justin took a team to the Forster Invitational Competition.

The Gold Coast Open went over 2 days. Our small team of 7 players put on an awesome performance and showed what they were made of. The results of their training were clear with a tally of 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 1 Bronze medal. Well done to both Juliet Lahood and Kane Belcastro for winning their Black Belt Divisions and achieving both a Gold Medal and a comemorative Gold Coast Open Black Belt!

The Forster Competition was a huge hit as usual, with a massive 43 members attending the competition from our club! This ranged from kids to parents and everyone impressed both Master Sam and Mr Justin with their spirit and efforts. The final medal tally was 47 Gold, 21 Silver and 11 Bronze! There were some great highlights including a Team Creative Poomsae performance from some of our Team Morning Class (Margaret Howard, Kristy Napoli, Alona Loria and Hazel Finney), weapons demonstrations and some fights that came right down to the wire!

Also congratulations to Jack Grofski, Alona Loria, Ruby Sandlin, Sophia Bazina and Dominique Sarkis for receiving trophies recognising their efforts!

As a bonus, some of our members were featured on the NBN News later that night: http://www.nbnnews.com.au/2016/05/28/taekwondo-tournament-impresses-in-forster/ 

2016 Sydney Taekwondo Festival Weekend

The weekend of the 30th of April/1st of May was a busy one for HDMA, with three big events happening in three different locations simultaneously!

Master Sam represented Hills District Martial Arts at an invitational Hapkido Seminar. This was an opportunity to learn and train with International Senior Grandmasters from the Korean Hapkido Federation, learning new variations on techniques and increasing knowledge. This was a great opportunity and Master Sam was invited to represent our school as a guest at both the Seminar and Competition on the following day.

The seminar was attended by many Masters and senior students from around Australia.

While this was happening Miss Yokk and Mr Justin took a team of fighters to the Sydney Taekwondo Festival! This competition was hotly contested by many interstate clubs and our members had to bring their A Game. Many of our fighters put in a strong performance and came away with a great result for their efforts. The final medal tally was 6 Gold, 7 Silver and 5 Bronze over both Poomsae and Sparring. There were also a great team of assistant coaches and referees from our club who helped the day run smoothly, Claire Davis, Grant Carver, Liam Buttel (Assistant Coaches), Solomon Foo, Jutta Giggenbach and Harry Lahood (Corner Judges).

While THIS was happening, a small contingent of Demo Squad members attended the Kenthurst Fair to put on a show for the crowd there. Despite not being a full team, they managed to put on an electrifying show and wow the crowd with their strong Poomsae, high flying kicks and astonishing weapon-work. Well done to the team Kern, Joseph, Alex, Noah, Nick and Juliet for putting on a great performance!

2016 Taekwondo New Zealand Open

Fantastic effort from our team at the Taekwondo New Zealand Open!

Our small five-person contingent attended the competition representing both Australia and Hills District Martial Arts to compete against some high level international players in their respective divisions. Master Sam remarked that they all gave a stellar performance and did their Instructors and their Club proud!

Kane was first up throwing Reverse Turning kicks from all directions, defeating both his first opponents in the first two rounds via 12 Point Gap, but unfortunately missing out in his final match and earning a Silver Medal.

Juliet went next to 12 point gap her opponent in the first match with her second opponent refusing to fight after witnessing her performance in the first match, earning herself a Gold Medal.

Jenina fought two great matches in the Black Belt Category (despite being a red belt herself), winning by 12 point gap in the first match and just missing out in the second to earn a Silver Medal.

Grant came up against a NZ Junior National Team member and despite the gallant effort put forth just was unable to get the win. His determination and fearlessness shone through however and he put in a great performance.

Claire still recovering from her injury was unfortunately unable to score the win, losing by only one point to the finalist in the division.

Jenina performed again in the Red Belt division the next day and performed fantastically!

Well done to the entire team, supporters and Master Sam for his effort in coaching the team. Special mention to Bec Davis for her great work assisting in organising the team!

2016 port Stephens Championships

Congratulations to the Sparring and Poomsae Squads who attended the Port Stephens Taekwondo Championships on the 5th and 6th of March!

This is the second time we have attended the competitions and the results have improved even more over last time. This competition we sent almost the full contingent of competitors with 29 contesting players!

The competition was held over two days with Poomsae being run on Saturday and Sparring on Sunday. Our Poomsae contingent put on a great performance with 2 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze. A big thankyou to our senior members Mr Noah, Mr Joseph, Mr Nick and Mr Alex for managing the team on Saturday and making sure everything went smoothly.

The Sparring Team on Sunday put forth an impressive display walking away with 14 Gold, 12 Silver and 1 Bronze with so many great performances. Some of our members competed for the first time at an event with this level of competitor and rose to the occasion, scoring a lot of points and some even walking away with a Gold Medal. Everyone had a good experience and enjoyed the day.

During the lunch break, our resident performance team "Team HDMA" put on a show for the crowd with impressive Poomsae, Kicking, Tricking and Weapons skills to thunderous applause!

Special mention to Master Sam, Miss Yokk and Mr Justin for the full day of coaching, our numerous parent and supporting team for helping out when needed, Mr Noah as Assistant Team Manager keeping all the students organised and our volunteer Referees Miss Claire, Mr Nick, Mr Joseph, and Mr Alex who gave up their full day to assist with scoring (and Mr Alex with some center refereeing) without whom the competition would not have been able to run due to a lack of referees!

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