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Tournaments - 2014

Big Wins at 2014 Nationals

What a great weekend at the 2014 National Championships in Adelaide! Everyone put in a strong perform lance and showed vastly improved skills from their previous performances.
Georgia Milner started off with two solid Poomsae, displaying improved control over her kicks and accuracy, however due to a mismatch was forced to withdraw from her fight.
Joshua Lui performed his Poomsae well earning a score above his previous competitions, and fought bravely against a very strong opponent, being forced to withdraw due to injury.
Nick Jones began with an amazing showing in his Freestyle Poomsae event, receiving praise from the crowd and edging out his other competitors, and continued well in his first Junior Black Belt WTF event, placing 9th in the semi final.
Jenina Lui scored big in her Poomsae division with strength and grace, however was uncontested in her Sparring division.
Noah Grofski was unfortunately uncontested in his Poomsae division, however demonstrated great improvement in all areas of his work.
Daniel Monteiro fought a very skilled opponent to a one point gap finish, narrowly missing out. Despite his opponent being taller, he kept his distance and fought well.
Elijah Sarkis was unlucky in his final match (after two awesome fights) and missed out in sudden death by a hairs breadth. He showed an amazing intensity throught the biggest draw in our team.
Liam Buttel has developed a much stronger game and won two fights against very different opponents. His last fight was also a one point gap.
Shannen Toby was our last fight of the day and she fought to the very last second with a strong and fast precision, narrowly missing out when her opponent scored a last second point.
Claire Davis was the sole fighter on Sunday and it was well worth the wait. Showing an extremely improved ability and attitude she fought hard and lost only by one point in the final seconds.
While not all of our players walked away with a medal, they all walked away with something to be proud of.
The final medal count was 4 Gold, 2 Silver and 5 Bronze.


Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships Medalist

Congratulations to Justin Paterson for achieving a Silver Medal in Freestyle Poomsae and a Bronze Medal in Individual Traditional Poomsae at the 2014 Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships in Edinburgh Scotland!
"The competition was a great experience and I was lucky to come away with two medals as a bonus. When you love what you do, the medal is never the result you're looking for. More important was the fact that I felt all five of my performances, four in Individual and one in Freestyle, were far beyond my expectations and definitely a personal best for me."


Congratulations Miss Claire!

We're very proud of our Assistant, Miss Claire Davis who just yesterday was selected for the new Taekwondo Emerging Athlete Program!
This is a new program targetted at athletes with potential to achieve great results over a career of competition sparring and was only open to 50 Athletes from all around Australia. The athletes were selected from a huge number of potentials in the different capital cities around Australia by a panel of nation-wide judges after a grueling physical workshop, seminar and testing session!
In between training, school, competing and representing our club, Claire also finds time to volunteer as an Assistant, training juniors in our Taekwondo Classes.
Great job Claire, we'll all be with you as you undertake this journey!

November STNSW State Competition


  Hills District Martial Arts came away with some great results for the first combined NSW State competition in many years. The competition was held in Liverpool at the Whitlam Leisure Centre and comprised many clubs and friends that we haven't competed against in a long time!
Sparring Jaydon Hayton....Silver, Bronze Kane Belcastro....Gold Josh Lui....Silver x2 Elijah Sarkis....Bronze Liam Buttel....Silver... Daniel Monteiro....Gold, Silver Pim Sintorn....Gold Michael Nader....Silver Jenina Lui....Gold Claire Davis....Silver x2 Shannen Toby....Gold, Silver
Poomsae Jaydon Hayton....Gold Daniel Monteiro....Silver Jenina Lui....Gold Breanne Nader....Silver Juliet Lahood....Silver Noah Grofski.... Gold Joseph Mathias....Silver Joseph, Alex, Noah....Gold
A total of 9 Gold, 13 Silver and 2 Bronze! Great job everyone!


2014 Australian Mulympia

The two day long spectacle that was the 2014 Australian Mulympia was a fantastic success. The event showcased several Martial Arts, such as Haidong Gumdo, WTF Taekwondo, ITF Taekwondo, Karate and Kung-Fu!

Our competitors attended on both days and came away with great results each day. Some highlights of the event included a THREE WAY TIE between our students for Gold Medals in the Jumping Front Kick category (also Bradley Howards staggering 2.2m Jumping Kick for his Gold!), an impressive duel to the end between Harrison Howard and Daniel Patterson for the Gold in Flying Side Kick (with Daniel pulling out the win!), Gerry Kain's amazing performance in his Haidong Gumdo Combat Sparring match and of course the Demo Team's performance on Saturday which impressed both spectators and competitors! (Remember to check out our Youtube Channel for a video of the demonstration!).

The final tally of the day was 28 Gold, 11 Silver and 2 Bronze! What a fantastic event, we can't wait until next year!

NSW All Schools Competition

Hills District Martial Arts had 32 Competitors from several different Prmary and High Schools in the area take part in the NSW All Schools Competition, representing both their school and their club! Over 280 people took part in the tournament and one of our member's schools (Pacific Hills) placed third in the Head Master's Shield trophy!
Everyone had a great experience and put in a fantastic effort, from beginners to veterans. Every student was well organised and behaved, making all the instructors extremely proud of our club.
A big thank you to all the helpful parents and volunteers from the day, and of course to our coaches Master Sam, Miss Yokk, Mr Justin, Mr Noah, Miss Claire, Mr Alex and Mr Liam who worked hard all day to make the even run as smoothly as possible.

WTF G2 Event Australian Open 2014

The WTF G2 event, the Australian Open was held in Homebush (where our regular State Competitions areheld) so our three athletes showed up with a comfortable home field advantage for a day of tough competition.
The day started off with Juliet competing in Individual Poomsae in the largest division with girls from all over the world. Juliet put in a great performance, however in the preliminary round she placed jut one spot outside the finals qualification. She however went on to receive a Gold Medal in her Sparring event!
Continuing on, Claire fought in a competitive division with a girl much taller than her and despite her never-say-die attitude, she just missed out on advancing to the next round.
The day continued with Justin competing in the Individual Poomsae division, in a draw filled with extremely experienced and motivated international players all vying for the selection for the World Championships later this year. In the strong division, Justin managed to advance to the second round, placing 5th in the first round out of 12 players. He went on to show a stronger performance in the second round with a score of 6.4, but unfortunately placed 5th again, just shy of receiving a medal.
Finally the day concluded with the Freestyle Poomsae event. Justin managed to provide a great performance and was praised by many of the judges, however due to some technical difficulties during his song and misunderstandings in the event, he placed third and earned a bronze medal.
Well done team! Preparations are now well underway for the upcoming National Championships.

NSW August State Competition

In what looks to be the last Taekwondo Australia NSW State (with a merger on the horizon) our players went out in style bringing home great results after a long day of competing in (for almost every athlete) more than one division or event.

The final medal tally was 26 Gold, 8 Silver, 4 Bronze!

Cool Climate Classic! - ACT Open 2014

Cool Climate Classic?? We weren’t quite sure what they meant by that...is it cold in Canberra? We could barely feel anything under our six layers of clothing...
Our dedicated competition team made the journey down to the ACT Open in Canberra amidst the freezing cold to compete in the Cool Climate Classic. For the first time the competition spanned two days, with senior black belt fighters competing on Saturday Night and the rest of the divisions contended on Sunday.
Claire, Liam and Michael competed on Saturday night. All three had some amazing fights that were the highlight of the night!
After everyone defrosted their cars we headed into the venue on Sunday to complete the event. All our competitors performed well and gave their all, giving Hills a great result. 

Perth International Black Belt Open 2014


In the final competition for the first half of the year, Liam Buttel, Hayley Smith, Juliet Lahood, Sam Parsons and Claire Davis attended a high level international competition being held in Perth.
The competition was held over 3 days and our competitors emerged successful once again.
Liam - Gold Claire - Silver Hayley - Silver Juliet - Silver (Sparring), Bronze (Poomsae)

Forster Invitational Open 2014

As always the Forster Competition was so much fun. Every year we take a team we have a great time! All of our competitors had fun earning their results and the instructors were so proud to see everyone step their game up even further than usual!

Everyone did so well that there are too many medals to list below!

Several of our team members received Trophies for their performance; Sara Mohammad - Outstanding Intermediate Sparring Mathew Nader - Rising Star Noah Grofski - Best and Fairest Senior Male Jenina Lui - Rising Star
A special thank you to our volunteers for the day; Master Sam, Mr Justin, Miss Yokk, Miss Shannen, Lyn Toby, Claire Davis and Noah Grofski.

Tans Gold Coast Open 2014

Our team attending the Tans Gold Coast Open put in a great effort! Between 10 players they brought home 11 Gold, 4 Silver and 3 Bronze Medals!

Kane Belcastro was also awarded the Best Spirit Award, after earning 3 Gold Medals and sparring in 3 divisions, remaining undefeated through the tournament!

Japan WATA Open 2014

Recently a select team of competitors travelled to Osaka Japan to take part in the 2014 Japan WATA Open! This was a great experience for all of them and everyone came away with a good result. It gave everyone some exposure to international athletes and helped once again strengthen our relationship with the international Taekwondo community!

The team consisted of Liam Buttel, Sam Parsons, Georgia Milner, Kane Belcastro, Juliet Lahood, Hayley Smith and Claire Davis, and of these

players, only Sam has had experience in international competitions, so everyone was quite nervous.....with NO reason! Sam, Hayley and Juliet came away with Gold Medals (Juliet in both Sparring AND Poomsae) and Georgia, Kane and Claire earned Silver! Liam fought his was to the very end in a difficult match narrowly losing by 1 point (12 - 11).

In two divisions our girls fought in the finals together, taking the two top spots while competing with respect and tenacity!

The total medal tally was 4 Gold and 3 Silver.

South Coast Open 2014

The long and enjoyable competition weekend consisted of two days of intense competition for our tournament team. We competed in a range of events, obtaining fantastic results in all divisions!

Saturday showcased the Poomsae Team's talents over Individual and Team Poomsae, and an Open Black Belt Challenge consisting of all the black belt competitors divided by gender. Sunday concluded the event with Sparring and Freestyle Poomsae, giving the audience thrilling matches and entertaining patterns!

Our Poomsae Team Competitors!

The final medal tally was 22 Gold, 12 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals!

We also were awarded a total of four trophies! Hills District was awarded the trophy for Best Overall Poomsae Team Score, Justin Paterson received the trophy for best Senior Male Poomsae, Harrison Howard received the trophy for the best Junior Male Poomsae and Juliet Lahood received the trophy for the best Junior Female Sparring.

Well done once again, Hills Competition Team!

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