Hills District Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo & Hapkido

2019 Winter Gup Grading



Congratulations to all members who participated in the Winter Gup Grading this time around! After three (and a half) days of intensive sessions, over 150 members participated in the Grading and moved on to the next level.

  • 3 to 4yrs - Great improvement and smiles all around!
  • 5 to 6yrs - Excellent Focus and Taekwondo Ability
  • 7 to 9yrs - Excellent Basic Techniques and Sparring
  • 10 to 12yrs - Well done on a strong performance with impressive Poomsae
  • 13 to 16yrs - Fantastic dynamic kicking skills
  • Adults - Great all around performance

Welcome to Black Belt the following members!

  • Jamal Fattah
  • Rachel Honor
  • Poppy Sinodinos
  • Christian-George Farfoud
  • Sera-Marina Farfoud
  • Nak Hieon Kim

Finally, well done to the members who received recognition for performance and improvement in the following areas:

Improvement Award  

  • Navarro Manfre
  • Tom Perrin
  • Luke Simmons

Poomsae Award

  • Sachi Singfield
  • Luca Burgio
  • Ankhita Sekhar

Sparring Award

  • Hunter Napoli
  • Ella Appleroth
  • Yushua Monowar

Breaking Award

  • Danielle Novak
  • Alex Xu
  • Freya Perrin


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