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November Hapkido Grading

As usual we scheduled our Hapkido Grading for a regular Thursday night, nothing unusual about that! However we had a suprise special guest brought along by Master Sam! Grandmaster Hwang and Master Lee from the Korean Kido Association attended the Grading as Special Guests. Nerves were high, but everyone put in a massive effort and performed at a great level.

A massive congratulations to our two newest Hapkido Black Belts: Dave Common and Noah Grofski! They both showed extensive knowledge and skill in all Hapkido principals and we are proud to welcome them to Black Belt.

Master Hwang proceeded to hold an impromptu session for our attendees with some inspiring demonstrations and advice for the future of our training. It was a very valuable experience for all involved.

Now is a great time to get started in Hapkido, get a head start on your training for next year! We meet on Monday nights at 8:15pm and Thursday nights at 7:15pm

 2019 Winter Gup Grading

Congratulations to all members who participated in the Winter Gup Grading this time around! After three (and a half) days of intensive sessions, over 150 members participated in the Grading and moved on to the next level.

  • 3 to 4yrs - Great improvement and smiles all around!
  • 5 to 6yrs - Excellent Focus and Taekwondo Ability
  • 7 to 9yrs - Excellent Basic Techniques and Sparring
  • 10 to 12yrs - Well done on a strong performance with impressive Poomsae
  • 13 to 16yrs - Fantastic dynamic kicking skills
  • Adults - Great all around performance
Welcome to Black Belt the following members!

  • Jamal Fattah
  • Rachel Honor
  • Poppy Sinodinos
  • Christian-George Farfoud
  • Sera-Marina Farfoud
  • Nak Hieon Kim
Finally, well done to the members who received recognition for performance and improvement in the following areas:

Improvement Award  

  • Navarro Manfre
  • Tom Perrin
  • Luke Simmons
Poomsae Award

  • Sachi Singfield
  • Luca Burgio
  • Ankhita Sekhar
Sparring Award

  • Hunter Napoli
  • Ella Appleroth
  • Yushua Monowar
Breaking Award

  • Danielle Novak
  • Alex Xu
  • Freya Perrin

 June Black Belt Grading


Our Black Belt Gradings are truly a great thing to witness. Such a high level of knowledge, skill, respect and culture in one room. The Grading is full of students showing why they deserve their new rank and how much they have improved over the last period of time.

Black Belt students do not grade every few months as colour belts do, they train continually (sometimes for years at a time) in preparation for their next grading, constantly honing their skills and abilities.

The level of Poomsae and Knife Defence was particularly high during this Grading, as was the level of spirit in the room. Congratulations to all members who achieved the next rank, and a special mention to Kern Sharma for achieving his 4th Degree Black Belt after 12 years of training at HDMA!


  • Kern Sharma
  • Bradley Howard
  • Harrison Howard
  • Noah Grofski
  • Hazel Finney
  • Margaret Howard
  • Nathan Jenkins
  • Emily Seow
  • Lucy Brown
  • Peta Appleroth
  • Ebony Cardona
  • Joel Holik
  • Adrian Bazina
  • Oscar Strachan

May Haidong Gumdo Grading

Nine years of Haidong Gumdo Gradings and still performing at an exceptional level. Our Haidong Gumdo group put on a great Grading for Master Sam full of Spirit, Instensity and great technical skill. Master Sam was very impressed with the level of skill of our members and spoke very highly of the skill presented.

A special congratulations to Mr Noah Grofski and Ross Mackay for achieving their 3rd Dan in Haidong Gumdo. This now qualifies both as 3rd Dan Black belt in two Martial Arts, an accomplishment not many can claim! Also to Cynthia Murray who graduated to 2nd Dan after many years of training, grading and competing in Haidong Gumdo both Nationally and Internationally.

Now is a great time to give Haidong Gumdo a go! Talk to Mr Justin for more information.


Taekwondo in the COmmunity 

HDMA hosted an exceptional group of young ladies over the weekend for a special Taekwondo session to promote health, fitness and safety in the community. All of these young ladies are involved in their local church community giving back to the kids at St Paul's Castle Hill. It was great to see a group of strong young women who were confident to take on new challenges and give their all in a brand new sport! The session was based around encouraging Safety in the community and building both physical and emotional strength and confidence to deal with adversity and danger.

Well done ladies! 

If your community group or business is interested in organising a Seminar or Small Group session, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

 Autumn Gup Grading


No better way to start the year that with the Autumn Gup Grading! This was our first ever grading with the new age group classes and was a fantastic experience for all involved! HDMA hosted 7 Gradings over 4 days throughout the Grading Week.

  • 3 to 4yrs - Fantastic first Grading and amazing energy!
  • 5 to 6yrs - Great demonstration of skill for our parents and instructors!
  • 7 to 9yrs - Impressive Breaking skills!
  • 10 to 12yrs - Good performance in Poomsae and Sparring.
  • 13 to 16yrs - Solid basic skills and Poomsae performances.
  • Adult Morning - Amazing energy and skill.
  • Adult Night - Much improved Breaking and Pad Kicking Skills.
Congratulations and WELCOME to Black Belt to the following students!

  • Hannah McEwan
  • Ruby Sandlin
  • Alanah McEwan
  • Isabella Bounassif
  • James Bounassif
  • Zain Cannoth
  • Zishan Cannoth
  • Isabella Lawton
  • Shannon Sandlin
  • Cynthia Lee
  • Diane McEwan
Special Mention to the recipients of the Grading Awards for the Autumn Gup Grading

Improvement Award   Breaking Award     Sparring Award      Poomsae Award 
Piper Johnson

Veer Menon

Rachel Honor

Dylan Kiss

Christian Farfoud

Surya Negi

Ernest Davidson

Ankhita Sekhar

David Goh

Dylan Gray

Johnny Yuan

Jiya Sood


 MPOWER Martial Arts Summit

Miss Yokk and Mr Justin were very honoured to be invited along to attend the 2019 MPower Martial Arts Business and Education Summit on the Gold Coast. The event was a fantastic experience, full of great information and education on both Martial Arts and Business.

The event was attended by over 300 great martial artists and business owners of varying experience levels. Mr Justin and Miss Yokk both learned a great deal and are looking forward to attending again next year!



 2018 October Gup Grading


A clean sweep! Every single Grading was extremely impressive this time around! Each group built upon the previous Gradings this year and brought a great performance to finish our 2018 Gup Gradings.

On Monday our 7-10yrs showed amazing energy and enthusiasm for Taekwondo with impressive Breaking and Poomsae.

On Tuesday our Adults demonstrated their excellent Poomsae and Technical Kicking with a focus on power.

Wednesday our HUGE TKD Kids and 11-14yr Gradings showed great patience and discipline through long Gradings with the Kids showing great Focus and 11-14yrs demonstrating amazing Poomsae.

Congratulations and welcome to our newest Black Belts, and best of luck for the next step in your Taekwondo Journey!

TKD Kids Junior Black
  • Lucian Paterson
  • Angus Tooke
  • Ellanoura Fattah
1st Poom Black Belts
  • Georgia Hogan
  • Sebastian Bounassif
  • Joshua Lawton
1st Dan Black Belts
  • James Starmach
Congratulations as well to our recipients of the Junior Taekwondo Awards:
  • Poomsae Award - Ariana Burgio, Rose Sandlin, Leo Hanlin
  • Sparring Award - Eric Gao, Ben Thant, Kintan Agarwal
  • Breaking Award - Raunek Singh, Jamal Fattah, Mathew Goh
  • Most Improved - Ruby Sandlin, Mahira Menon, Poppy Sinodinos 

 Haidong Gumdo Grading

A very high level performance from our Haidong Gumdo Juniors and Seniors at the Grading over the weekend. Everyone showed great improvement and effort in all aspects of the Grading. The paper cutting performances were a great feature and showcased the student's abilities in speed and accuracy.

A big congratulations to Christian Shadwick who graded for his SECOND DAN in Haidong Gumdo. Christian is one of our few members who currently holds multiple Black Belts (the other in Taekwondo).

We look forward to seeing an even more impressive performance next time as the standard of HDMA Gumdo continues to grow!

Active Kids Provider Approval!

Hills District Martial Arts has now officially been recognised as an Active Kids Approved Provider! The Active Kids initiative is a great program introduced by the NSW Government to encourage more participation in sport and assist families with membership and participation costs.

Please ensure you are familiar with the rules surrounding using your voucher. Vouchers can only be used for membership and participation fees, not equipment and other miscellaneous fees (such as Gradings).

You can head to the Active Kids Website to claim your voucher NOW!

 Mr Justin on NBN News

NBN News was in attendance at the Forster Development Competition over the weekend to do a story on the competition and it's competitors. Mr Justin was fortunate enough to be featured in the report with some footage of his Poomsae and a small part of his interview was aired as well!

Click the image above to watch the report on NBN News!


A fantastic way to end the year! Saturday began with our second Black Belt Grading for the year, and concluded with our Black Belt Celebration Dinner.

A Black Belt Grading is a high level event where our long time members are able to grade for the next level of Black Belt. As you can imagine, it's a great spectacle full of skill, passion and awesome performances. Thirteen members attended the Grading to level up, and each gave the Instructors multiple reasons to approve the new ranks! The entire group demonstrated good energy through their Kihap, and a good improvement in Self Defence and Step Sparring.

The Grading covered a wide variety of Technical, Self Defence, Sparring, Breaking and Poomsae aspects from our syllabus. A Black Belt Grading is a daunting and exhausting experience, but our members handled it with dignity and pride.

We would like to give a special thank you to our supporting members who came, watched and assisted in the Grading despite not being involved directly. We are a family at HDMA and love to see the support from everyone, and hope to see even more in the future!


Following the Grading, we held our annual Black Belt Celebration. It was a nice way to unwind and bond with our Black Belt Family after a long year. We always look forward to the event, this time hosted at Dural Terrace Chinese Cuisine. We had more than 30 guests attending and enjoying the night, from Juniors to Seniors.

We look forward to another event in the future with our constantly growing Black Belt Family, and hope that even more of you can join us in the future!

To all of our Colour Belts, we look forward to seeing you earn that Black Belt and come and join us for Dinner in Celebration!

2018 June Gup Grading


Wow, what a fantastic Grading! It was clear how hard every member has worked and how important their new level was to them, and everyone put in a great performance. Each session was exciting to attend, progressed smoothly and efficiently and showcased everyone's skill in the best light possible.

TKD Kids

Having 40 kids under the age of 7 in one room sounds a bit difficult doesn't it? Not our TKD Kids! They showed their Self-Control and Focus and made the Grading a true testament to the value of our TKD Kids program!

7-10yrs Juniors

This was possibly the most impressive Grading the 7-10yr group has ever done! Despite a few nerves, everyone overcame and put in great performances in all areas. This included great improvement in both Breaking and Poomsae!

11-14yrs Juniors

Definitely the largest group we've had in this age group for a long time, many of our students have moved up in age from the previous class, but showed no hesitation in performing to the best of their ability. Very impressive Breaking skills this time around!

Adult Morning

Always impressive to see the way they get after it! A large variety of disciplines are tested in the Adult Gradings and they performed well in all of them! One excellent highlight was to watch all the 7th Gup students break their boards with extremely high jumps in their Flying Side Kick!

Adult Night

This was the smallest Grading of the week, but they didn't let that stop them. Seven students put on an energetic and exciting display including improved performances in Breaking and Poomsae

Congratulations to the following students who earned their 1st degree Black Belts at this Grading! You definitely did the club and yourselves proud.

  • Antonia Lahood
  • Shane Daley
  • Charbel Kazzi
  • Amelia Kazzi
  • Madeleine Sandlin
  • Joel Holik
  • Diego Stratton
  • Breanna Rochester
Also well done to the recipients of our Grading Trophies!

  • Breaking Award (Riley James, Chelsie Nader, Michael Novak)
  • Poomsae Award (Chantelle Choi, Jayden Susanto, Grace Cavanagh)
  • Sparring Award (Carter Garth, Mahi Shah, Antonia Lahood)
  • Most Improved (Chase Appleroth, Isabelle Sarkis, Zishan Cannoth)

 black belt lunch 2018

 It was great to see so many of our Black Belts, both Junior and Senior, gather together to share a meal at the start of the year!

It's a great sign for the success to come in the year. We're looking forward to seeing many more Black Belts achieved this year and having an even bigger lunch next time!

 Colour belt gup gradings

There were a lot of great performances at all of our Gradings this time around. Master Sam was impressed with the entire group, and everyone put their best foot forward!

Our new Belt and Stripe System for the Juniors has been working well to ensure everyone is staying up to date with their syllabus and both setting and achieving goals regularly.

Congratulations to our New BLACK BELT members who have passed their Grading and begun the next stage of their journey!

 black belt gradings

All members present put in a great effort to show the results of their training. For our new members: Black Belt Gradings require a much longer training period in between, often taking multiple years before the next level can be reached. Over 20 members were in attendance to move forward in their Black Belt Journey. Below is a list of the attendees and the rank they achieved.

  • Jutta Giggenbach (5th Dan)
  • Lisa Rossi (4th Dan)
  • Kern Sharma, Ryan Toby, Nathan Cardona, Christian Shadwick, Joseph Mathias (4th Dan Bo)
  • Solomon Foo, Madison Cali, Renae Cali (3rd Dan)
  • Jane Estrella, Nathan Jenkins, Margaret Howard (2nd Dan)
  • Emily Seow, Lucy Brown (2nd Poom)
  • Alona Loria, Kristy Napoli (2nd Bo Dan)
  • Daniel Cook, Oliver Cook, Jack Strawhan, Montana Napoli (2nd Bo Poom)


fundraising movie and pizza night

It was fantastic to see such a large turn-out in support of our athletes at the Fundraising Movie Night! Jenina Lui, Josh Lui, Juliet Lahood and Kane Belcastro will be representing Hills District Martial Arts and Australia later this month at the Un Yong Kim Invitational Competition in Korea. To help send these athletes off with the best preparation possible, we held a Movie and Pizza Night to raise funds and assist with the trip. All those who attended had a great time with their Taekwondo Family (and all the parents had a nice night off!). We always enjoy seeing our members come together in friendship and Taekwondo!

Australian Hapkido Super Seminar

Following the Korea Hapkido Federation Instructor’s Seminar, NSW played host to both National and International Masters of Hapkido as well as senior and junior students in the second Australian Hapkido Federation International Super Seminar! The competition was hosted at the Dural Sport and Leisure Center and attended by our Instructors Master Sam, Mr Justin and Miss Yokk, as well as students Noah Grofski and Solomon Foo. The Seminar was an intensive two day education session comprising Joint Locking, Weapons, Competition Sparring Education and more! The presenter’s at the event were Senior Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee (9th Dan), Grandmaster Kim Gi Woon (8th Dan), Grandmaster Ryoo Young Seol (8th Dan) and Grandmaster Guahk Jin Ho (8th Dan). Needless to say there was a lot of knowledge and skill in the room!


June 2017 Grading Week

Well done to all members who participated in the June Gradings! This Grading period saw all facets of Taekwondo tested, including a Black Belt Dan/Poom/Bo grading! A special mention to the following students for achieving the trophies of Most Improved! White – Eddy Cayless, Angelina Roy Yellow – William Liu, Johnny Yuan Blue – Max McDonald, Dylan Wikaruk Red – Max Antunac, Michael Nader

Welcome to Yellow Belt!

Congratulations to the following members who took their first step on the road to Black Belt! 7-10yrs – Lockie Austin, Surya Negi, Chase Appleroth, Eddy Cayless, Mahi Shah 11-14yrs – Angelina Roy, Sophie Austin, Lucas Bertram Seniors – Craig Weller, Madi Weller, Nirav Shah, Naina Negi, Prathan Malik, Mario Cardona, Toby Austin, Ricki Austin, Luke Fimmano, Cindy Geelan

Welcome to Black Belt!

Congratulations to the following members who achieved their goal of reaching the level of Black Belt! 7-10yrs – Max Antunac, Ebony Cardona, Max Hauser, Breanne Nader 11-14yrs – Justin Harvey, Brayden Tait, Zac Zeaiter, Aleen Kaakoush, Michael Nader, Asvath Prabagar, Zane Zeaiter Seniors – Kristy Napoli, Peta Appleroth, Chloe Lemenager  

The Next Level…

Our Black Belt Grading was an impressive sight to behold! Congratulations to the following members who have exceeded the level of Black Belt and begun their new journey to Master!   2nd Dan Bo – Kane Belcastro, Georgia Milner, Lucy Brown, Emily Seow 2nd Dan/Poom – Hazel Finney, Daniel Monteiro, Aeryn Murray, Iain Murray, Sophia Bazina, Joshua Lui 3rd Dan Bo – Ross Mackay, Nick Jones, Solomon Foo, Madison Cali, Renae Cali 3rd Dan/Poom – Claire Davis, Noah Grofski, Rebecca Gleeson, Bradley Howard, Harrison Howard, Daniel Pattterson


korea hapkido federation seminar

HDMA's resident Grandmaster is once again showing all of us that your education in Martial Arts is never over!
Recently Master Sam travelled to Korea to take part in a Korea Hapkido Federation Instructors Course. The course was an arduous week in training with some of the world's top Grandmasters on Hapkido techniques and skills including Joint Locking, Striking and Weaponry.
Master Sam attended the seminar with a team of other Masters and Senior Instructors from all around Australia on behalf of Hapkido Moohakwan here in Australia and the Australia Hapkido Association.
After the completion of the Seminar, Master Sam was presented with a Master's Certificate from Oh Se-Lim, the President of the Korea Hapkido Federation. Also in attendance was Doju Ji Han Jae (Doju is a more senior rank than even Grandmaster).
The knowledge gained at this seminar will be used to increase our own schools skill and ability in Hapkido! If you are interested in learning Hapkido, don't forget to check out our Hapkido Page for more information!

International referee

Congratulations to Miss Yokk on the very hard earned achievement of becoming qualified as an International Referee for World Taekwondo!
Miss Yokk attended the course in New Zealand for a gruelling seminar and qualification course to become recognised as one of Australia’s few select International officials!
Miss Yokk has been refereeing since 2003 and is highly regarded as a fair and passionate official by the members of the Taekwondo community. She joins Master Sam as Hills District Martial Art's second International Referee!

Bring a Buddy Break a Board

A huge thank you to all students who supported our Bring a Buddy - Break a Board training! It was great to see so many friends being introduced to Taekwondo! Each student who brought a friend along demonstrated their skill by breaking a wooden board with their favourite technique, and all the buddies were definitely impressed!
We hope to see even more students and friends participating in the future!
REMEMBER that you dont need to wait for Buddy Night, if you have a friend interested in doing a Free Trial Lesson, bring them along to any regular class!

2017 March grading

A great performance by all members at the March 2017 Grading! Great to see all members improving and moving towards their goals!
Congratulations to the recipients of the Most Improved Trophy for their category!
White Belt - Dana Wan, Alfred Roy
Yellow Belt - Hannah Loria, Chantelle Choi
Blue Belt - Jamal Fattah, Cole Hassett
Red Belt - Antonia Lahood, Oscar Strachan


2016 Student of the month

Congratulations to Juliet Lahood, our Student of the Year for 2016! Juliet had a fantastic year all around, she earned her 3rd Poom Black Belt, assisted in Junior Classes, achieved high results in Sparring Competition throughout Australia and represented our club and country in the Oceania Championships where she received a Gold Medal. These are only a few of Juliet's accomplishments and the entire club is proud of all she has done with her 2016!
The race is now on to earn the title of Student of the Year for 2017! We hope to see everyone putting in that effort and earning their Student of the Month award to go into the running to be named Student of the Year!


Muay Thai Seminar with grandmaster toddy

Master Sam, Miss Yokk and Mr Justin were invited as special guests to participate in a seminar as part of the Australian Tour of Grandmaster Thohsaphol Sitiwatjana (Grandmaster Toddy). This marked the first time that Gradmaster Toddy had visited Australia in 4 years and he shared his immense experience and unique expertise in Muay Thai training, secrets and skills.
The seminar was hosted by JAI Martial Arts. It covered various defensive and offensive skills including strikes, unique defensive principals, knees and kicks.
Grandmaster Toddy has been a Muay Thai instructor since the age of 16 and has trained a multitude of international world champions. These champions include

  • UFC Fighter and Mixed Martial Artist Randy Couture
  • Mixed Martial Artist and actress Gina Carano
  • Former Light Heavyweight UFC Champion Tito Ortiz
  • Green Power Ranger and Martial Artist Jason David Frank
  • Kickboxer Kevin "The Soul Assassin" Ross
  • Four-time Professional Muay Thai World Champion Kit Cope

The seminar was a great opportunity and provided some great insight on a formidable martial art and it's tecniques!

July haidong gumdo grading

It was a long time coming, however we finally managed to organise our first 2016 Haidong Gumdo Grading! The Grading was attended by 14 students from White to Black Belt and ALL students did Master Sam and Mr Justin very proud!
The Grading was presided ove by Haidong Gumdo Australia President Grand Master Jung-Il Oh, Master Sam and special guest Master Cheri Parks from Swordsman Martial Arts in Queensland.
All students performed with skill and spirit, and Grandmaster Oh said that he always is excited to come to a Hills District Haidong Gumdo Grading as the spirit is quite strong and our standard is high. He also took the time to give each member some individual feedback on how to improve in the future.

Following the Grading, HDMA hosted several events for the NSW Haidong Gumdo Association, including a Referee Refresher Course for both Haidong Gumdo and Taekwondo (for the upcoming Oceania Mulympia event) and a general meeting for the tournament committee (which includes both Master Sam and Mr Justin). The event was attended by Master Jason Kim from Canberra, and Master Andrew Johnston from Wolves Martial Arts in the Blue Mountains.
The events went a long way to ensuring a smooth competition at the Oceania Mulympia (this year being held in Penrith) which will comprise events from both Taekwondo and Haidong Gumdo.

June 2016 Grading week

Our second Grading Week of the Year and it definitely did not disappoint! This time Grading covered both colour belts and black belts aiming for their next level!
The Grading Week began with Black Belts on Saturday. This was our largest Black Belt Grading since the club was created by Master Sam over 35 years ago with 27 students attempting their next Dan, Poom and Bo levels! The grading saw the reintroduction of wood breaking for Black Belt students, and lasted over 3 hours with each student performing a multitude of disciplines including Technical, Poomsae, Step Sparring, Self Defence, Knife Defence, Sparring, Breaking and more. Congratulations to all students who took part in the Grading. During this Grading Mr Justin also successfully earned his 4th Dan Black Belt, achieving Head Instructor status.
Grading Week didn't slow down however and continued through Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with our Colour Belts of all ages. Master Sam remarked that the students made many improvements since the last grading and are all on the right track. Self Defence was definitely an improvement and proved our students are ready to expand their knowledge further!
A special congratulations to Luca Milner, Adrian Bazina, Jack Strawhan and Daniel Cook for their consistent effort and performance in achieving their 1st Poom level at this grading!
Now is the time for everyone to set themselves some goals for the next period, as well as our club goal: to improve power and kihap! Best of luck for the next few months!

Team HDMA @ Sydney Korean Festival 2016

After a great performance at the Hills Lunar New Year Festival in North Rocks, Team HDMA was scouted for a performance in Darling Harbour at the Sydney Korean Festival. After lengthy preparations, the team travelled to Tumbalong Park  to the event and put on a great show!
The show was met with a great reception from the crowd, and involved Poomsae, Dynamic Kicking, Fighting and Weapon performances from our members! Afterwards Mr Justin was interviewed about the performance for South Korea TV. Well done team!

Grading week 2016

What a great start to the year with all of our qualifying members taking part in Grading Week!
Everyone put in the best effort possible with some great improvements and performances from students in all gradings. Many groups showed expertise in very specific areas, with our 7-10yr White and Yellows putting on some awesome Breaking and Poomsae performances, our Senior groups with some precise Technical skills and our TKD Kids with some amazing energy!
Instructor Advise: Make sure you continue to develop good spirit and kihap through your motions. Many grading results will be helped by your spirit increasing and showing your inner strength!
Now is the time to start preparing for next Grading and the next leg of your Taekwondo journey! Ask your Instructor's advise on how to improve and better prepare for the next time and how to improve your results! Attend classes regularly and try and learn a new part of your syllabus every lesson, especially your pattern, to be fully ready when the time comes.
Congratulations to the recipients of Most Improved Performances:
White - Cartiar Eros
Yellow - Dylan Wikaruk
Blue - Pheonix Morrison
Red - Victoria McNutt
White - Chantelle Choi
Yellow - Joshua Bridge
Blue - Lilly Rawstron
Red - Jaime Donovan

EA Program hosted at HDMA

Over the weekend of February 20th HDMA hosted the Emerging Athlete's program at our Dojang.
The Emerging Athlete's Program is a new program being run in conjunction with both the AIS and the wider programs from the other states in Australia. The NSW program is being overseen by several experienced coaches from around NSW including our own Miss Yokk, to build the next generation of Sparring Competitor with the goal of achieving a podium finish in high level events in the future.
The program at this level is aimed at students between the ages of 14 and 19 who have displayed a high level of ability from the clubs around the country. The program has expanded and will continue to expand to including extra training sessions and camps to further improve not only our state but our country's chances at producing high level Taekwondo Athletes.
Several of our own competitors are currently attending these sessions including Liam Buttel, Daniel Monteiro, Claire Davis, Juliet Lahood, Jenina Lui and Grant Carver.

 AIS and elite camp

Two of our members were selected as representatives at some recent Elite Athlete level Sparring camps. Claire Davis was selected as a member of the Emerging Athletes program to represent NSW at the EA Program Camp in the Australian Institute of Sport after a lengthy selection process involving several elite level sparring sessions around the state.
The camp was an excellent experience for Claire as she took further steps towards her goals in representative sparring!
From the AIS she travelled with Juliet Lahood to New Zealand to take part in an Elite Athlete Development Program between Australia's and New Zealand's top athletes. The camp was attended by select athletes from all over Australia.
While at the camp, the athletes trained in three sessions per day, regardless of sweltering heat and less than ideal conditions. The camp was a fantastic opportunity for both our girls to experience the training and atmosphere of a different country while making tremendous strides in their own ability.
They also had the opportunity to train with the Junior National Team and the New Zealand Olympic Team while they were there, which was an great bonus.
Two very tired girls returned much more experienced and skilled then they had left, and it was great to see them come home with all the great stories and experiences.

Black Belt Lunch

We had a great time this year at our Black Belt Lunch. It's so great to see the number of Black Belts increasing each year with every students hard work and dedication to their training and lifestyle!
A big thankyou to Mountainview Chinese Restaurant in Dural Village for an amazing feast! We hope to see even more members attending the lunch next year! 

Black Belt Grading

Congratulations to all the participants of our final Black Belt Grading for the year! Everyone put on a fantastic performance, showing the results of their training for the last year (or years!).

This was our first grading after the introduction of the Dan Bo system, and we had students grading to Dan Bo level at all levels up to 5th! This shows not only the fantastic growth of the individual students, but our Taekwondo Family as well! Keep on improving and jumping forward, and someday we can all reach this same level!

The participants in the grading were Jutta Giggenbach, Lisa Rossi, Joseph Mathias, Allison Chandler, Juliet Lahood, Nathan Cardona, Christian Shadwick, Zachary Morgan, Ross Mackay, Tiarne Lattouf, Matt Caruana, Nick Jones, Andrew Quattrocchi and Conor Tongue.

Fantastic Hapkido Grading

October's Hapkido Grading was a fantastic success!
We had 12 members participate at a very high skill level, showing their last 12 months of training. The standard once again rose from last grading and 9th Dan Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee had nothing but praise for the group, singling out very clean performances, dynamic breaking, strong spirit and diversity in our syllabus. Everyone was very proud to hear such nice things about our school from such an experienced Grandmaster.
There were clearly a lot of nerves in the air but everyone showed their control and harmony and put their best foot forward! Congratulations to the whole team.
Both Miss Yokk and Mr Alex graded for their 1st Dan Black Belt and Mr Justin graded for his 2nd. It's great to see our Instructors continuing to expand and improve their knowledge and skill base!


School Holiday Programs August 2015

Our school holiday programs were a huge success this September! We all had a great time with a wide variety of activities including Movie and Pizza Night, Freestyle Taekwondo Seminars, Poomsae Seminars, Long Stick Seminars, Parents Night, Buddy Night and Mufti and Costume Night.
At Movie Night the students came in and relaxed with a Movie and a Pizza with their Taekwondo Family. We watched Big Hero 6 on the big screen and everyone had a great time. Keep your eyes open for our next Movie and Pizza Night, we try to have a couple every year!
Our School Holiday Seminars were well received and covered a wide variety of skills, introducing students to Freestyle Taekwondo, the Jang Bong (Long Stick) and some special tutoring in Poomsae for the upcoming grading. It's great to see so many students so dedicated to their training to attend additional sessions throughout the school holidays! There's no better way to spend your holidays than learning some new skills and sharpening some old ones!
Our Night Time Special Events also proved to be lots of fun with Parents Night and Buddy Night spreading Taekwondo to some new people and our Costume Night letting our members combine some of their passions to have a great time in their favourite costume!
We can't wait for next school holidays (just like the kids!)




Grading Week March

Another successful Grading Week has come to an end! After a massive 8 Grading Sessions, all the groups have something to be proud of!
The week kicked off with the Black Belt Grading, showcasing a high level of skill as the attending members attempted to reach the next Dan or Poom Level. All attending members showed their best ability, from Junior to Senior, in all areas being examined. Poomsae was particularly strong, showing a level of power and focus that can only be achieved after years of training. Congratulations to Miss Yokk, Miss Shannen, Mr Noah, Miss Claire, Grant Carver, Christian Shadwick, Harrison Howard, Bradley Howard, Daniel Patterson, Christian Mohammad, Bec Gleeson and Jack Lavercombe.
The week continued with great performances from our 7-10yr Class, 11-14yr Class, Adult, Morning and TKD Kids in their respective gradings, showcasing a growing skill level that reflected all their hard work! Congratulations to the following members who received Most Improved Awards!
7 - 10yrs White - Nicole Liu Yellow - Rubee Hermanniusson Blue - Brayden Tait Red - Henry McNutt
11 - 14yrs White - Liam Attard Yellow - Zishan Cannouth Blue - Chloe Lemenager Red - Georgia Milner
Also congratulations to Margaret Howard, Mr Liam and Jerry Lui for undertaking their Black Belt Grading! Great job under very stressful circumstances!

2015 Club Competition a Huge Success

What an amazing day! Over 100 members attended our Club Competition and competed over multiple events to make our Club Competition the great success it was.
Members of all ages, experience and rank came together and contested events such as Sparring, Poomsae, Team and Family Poomsae, Weapons Demonstrations, Obstacle Course, Jumping Front Kick and Flying Side Kick.
We also had some great Demonstrations put on by our Morning Class, Arnis Class and HDMA Demonstration Team.
Everyone put on fantastic displays of skill and showed the amazing spirit and sportsmanship that makes our club the great family that it is. Congratulations to everyone and we hope to see an even bigger turnout at our next event!
As always a big thankyou to our organisation team and our fantastic team of volunteers, impressively there are too many to name, yet another showing of the great culture and environment of our club!


Student of the Year 2014

Congratulations to Bradley Howard for earning the Student of the Year 2014 Award. Since beginning his Taekwondo Journey Bradley has excelled in all areas of Taekwondo, representing the club in competition (Both Sparring and Poomsae), Demonstrations, Haidong Gumdo and Haidong Gumdo Competition and as an Assistant. Bradley also represents Hills District Martial Arts in his everyday life by following our Club Oath at all times!
Our Student of the Year Award is given to one of our Student of the Month Recipients who presents themselves well all year in everything they try. Do your best to become one of our Students of the Month in 2015!

Halloween Training

It was great to see so many kids having a great time taking part in our Halloween Night Training. Some of the costumes were almost too scary to handle (if you need proof, just look at the picture.....freaky....).
Keep your eyes on our website and Facebook for more great events and opportunities to have fun with your Taekwondo Family!


Instructors Selected for Events

Congratulations to two of our Instructors for being selected on representative teams in their respective fields!

Miss Shannen has been selected to represent the University of Western Sydney in the upcoming University Games in Sparring being held here in Sydney!

Mr Justin has been selected to be a part of the Australian Team heading over to Scotland to contest the Commonwealth Taekwondo Championships in November, competing in Poomsae!
Both of our instructors have worked hard for many years and continue to train hard to reach the highest level they can! Way to go guys!
Many of our instructors have accomplished great things in their continuing careers as Martial Artists and competitors. For more information visit our INSTRUCTOR PAGE.

1st National Haidong Gumdo Australia Referee Seminar

Hills District Martial Arts held the very first Referee Accreditation Seminar in Australia.

Masters, Instructors and Black Belts from NSW, ACT and Melbourne attended the seminar to learn the most current rules and updates for Haidong Gumdo Refereeing, as well as to become the first to earn an official accreditation for Refereeing in Haidong Gumdo according to the rules set forth by the World Haidong Gumdo Federation and Haidong Gumdo Australia.

Among these attendees were our own Justin Paterson, Cynthia Murray, Ross Mackay and Joseph Mathias. Everyone had a great time and contributed to a great seminar.

The STAR Programme

Hills District Martial Arts has now introduced the Star Program!

We believe that a good Martial Artist should do their best in everything they try. In that spirit we would like to invite those of our students who achieve awards at school to bring your award in (the day you receive it or the next day) and show our instructors to receive a special Star patch for your collar, so that we can reward your award!

We look forward to seeing all of our students collars covered in Stars!

Haidong Gumdo Grading - March 2014

The first Haidong Gumdo Grading of the year was a huge success! Months of preparation paid off as every student stood up and showed their extremely high level of skill in front of THREE Haidong Gumdo Masters (Master Sam, Master Kim from Canberra and Grandmaster Oh from Queensland).

Many of our Black Belts attempted the grading to reach the next level, on a brand new syllabus being implemented nation wide for the first time THIS YEAR.

With six new white belts (Hema, Daniel, Joseph, Aeryn, Iain and Gerry) the future of Hills Haidong Gumdo is looking positive indeed!

The award for the best performance came down to a close competition between Noah Grofski, Alex Kingham and Joseph Mathias. After a double Poomsae Playoff, Joseph emerged victorious and received the trophy. Congratulations Joseph!

Hapkido Grading - March 2014

Hills District Hapkido held our first grading of 2014. Everyone put in a very skillful performance under the watch of our own 4th Dan Master Sam and 9th Dan Grandmaster Sung Soo Lee!

The Grandmaster complimented our schools level of skill and ability, due in no small part to Master Sam's efforts and teaching ability.

Mr Justin completed his grading for 1st Dan Black Belt, which marked the accomplishment of his third Black Belt over three different arts! Congratulations Mr Justin!


Hills District is now proud to offer our senior members Arnis as a training choice on Wednesday Nights.

Arnis is a Filipino Martial Art based on Single and Double Stick fighting and Empty Hand applications of Self Defence. Its an exciting and dynamic art that's great for giving both your mind and your body a workout. We already have a number of people gaining proficiency so if you're interested, ask your instructors for more details!

On April the 6th we had a fantastic seminar with Grandmaster Elias Baera, the highest ranked master of Arnis de Mano in Australia.

Grandmaster Elias travelled up to Hills from Melbourne to host two seminars for us. The first included a grading for our current members of Arnis to progress to the next level and all perfomed exceedingly well.

The second seminar hosted instructors from all over NSW to give them an introduction to Arnis de Mano. The seminar was a great success and experience for everyone, and we all had a fantastic time training and learning together.

2014 Student of the Month

Congratulations to our winners of the Student of the Month Award! These students all have shown great improvement, spirit, skill and have shown that they follow our Club Oath!

January - Joshua Waller

February - Chloe Lemenager

March - Hayley Smith

April - Alisha Rana

May - Alex Mohammad

June - Tyler Jackson

July - Toby Cairns

August - Lucy Brown

September - Riley Petersen


Taekwondo Hall of Fame

Master Sam inducted into the prestigious Hall of Fame

SamLoiacono-Hall of Fame

As Instructors of Hills District Martial Arts it is our distinct pleasure to inform you that our Master Instructor Master Sam Loiacono will be inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame on 18th October 2013 in Las Vegas, USA.
This is a very high honor shared by the world's greatest contributors to Taekwondo as a Martial Art and Sport. We could not be more proud of all of Master Sam's many achievements. Without Master Sam none of us would be where we are today and we hope you will join us in wishing him congratulations and a fantastic trip to receive the recognition he deserves.

Master Sam's induction to the Taekwondo Hall of Fame was featured in the Hills Shire Times. Read the full article »


Seminar with Grandmaster Richard Bustillo

Hills District Martial Arts was honoured to host a Martial Arts Legend at our Dojang on the 23rd of January. Grandmaster Richard Bustillo, a first generation student of Bruce Lee himself attended our school to give some of our students a special seminar in both Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee's very own creation) and Kali/Eskrima/Arnis.
The seminar was a great success with every student leaving with greater knowledge and a tremendous experience.
Grandmaster Bustillo was impressed with both the physical abilities of our students and our schools level of etiquette and discipline, complimenting Master Sam on the quality of his students.
This was a great opportunity for us to bring new knowledge and experiences into our school and we hope we will have the opportunity to host Grandmaster Bustillo again.

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