Hills District Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo & Hapkido

The Point System

What is the Point System?

At Hills District Martial Arts we believe in encouraging and rewarding our students efforts throughout their classes! With this in mind we have implemented a "Point System" for use during classes.

Students are able to earn points for a variety of reasons including
  • Demonstrating exceptional effort
  • Showing improvement
  • Executing excellent technique
  • Showing respect and good behaviour
  • Answering questions correctly
  • And more!

How Does it Work?

When awarding a point, the instructor will say "One Point" to the student to which they will reply "One Point Maám" or "One Point Sir"! This will continue adding until "Four Points Maám" or "Four Points Sir". The student can then see their Instructor after class for their reward.

Should a student achieve a total of four points in a single class, they will be given a reward to recognise the achievement. These can change daily, and include patches for the uniform, stickers, stripes (TKD Kids Class only) and others.

How Does it Help?

This system is about encouraging our students to continue to set and strive towards goals. Parents can assist by setting goals with their children and encouraging them to work towards achieving and improving in every class.

For more information on how Martial Arts can assist with personal development and improve your children's behaviour, contact one of our helpful instructors!

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