Hills District Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo & Hapkido


Martial Arts are constantly evolving with the times and access to new and exciting training methods and technology. Despite this is is also very important to remember our traditional roots while training and moving forward. One aspect of training at Hills District Martial Arts that contributes to our traditional training style is the use of Korean Terminology. All three of our Martial Arts have their roots in Korea. It also helps you as a student to expand your knowledge, and increase your memory.

Below are some of the basic and more advanced termonology that we use during class (and a few extra for anyone who wants some more knowledge!). Note that some words are spelled phonetically (how they sound) for ease of learning!


Attention     Charyot
Bow Kunye
Ready Junbi
Begin Shijak
Finish Guman
Rest Shyo


One      Hana     First     Il
Two Dul Second Ee
Three Set Third Sam
Four Net Fourth Sa
Five Dasot Fifth Oh
Six Yasot Sixth Yuk
Seven Illgop Seventh Chil
Eight Yeodul Eighth Pal
Nine Ahop Ninth Gu
Ten Yeol Tenth Ship



Stance     Seogi
Walking Stance Ap Seogi
Horse Riding Stance Juchem Seogi
Long Stance Ap Gubi Seogi
Back Stance Dwit Gubi
Cat Stance Beom Seogi
Close Stance Moa Seogi
Parallel Stance Naranhi Seogi
Crane Stance Hakdari Seogi
Front Reversed Stance Ap Goa Soegi
Back Reversed Stance Dwit Goa Seogi



Punch     Jirugi
Strike Chigi
Thrust Tzirugi
Body Punch Momtong Jirugi
Double Body Punch Dubeom Momtong Jirugi
High Punch Olgul Jirugi
Palm Strike Batang Son Chigi
Knifehand Strike Sonnal Chigi
Reverse/Outside Knifehand Strike Bakkat Sonnal Chigi
Spearhand Strike Pyon Son Keut Tzirugi
Deunjumeok Bakkat Chigi Outside Backfist Strike
Deunjumeok Ap Chigi Front Backfist Strike
Mejumeok Naryeo Chigi Downward Hammerfist Strike
Mejumeok Bakkat Chigi Outside Hammerfist
Pyonjumeok Chigi Flat-Fist Strike
Palkeup Dollyo Chigi Round Elbow Strike
Palkeup Bakkat Chigi Outside Elbow Strike



Block     Makki
High Block Olgul Makki
Body Block Momtong Makki
Low Block Arae Makki
Outside Body Block Bakkat Momtong Makki
Inside Body Block An Palmok Bakkat Momtong Makki
Knifehand Block Hansonnal Makki
Double Knifehand Block Dubeom Sonnal Makki
Palm Block Batangson Makki
Downward Palm Block Nullo Makki
High Cross Block Olgul Otgoreo Makki
Low Cross Block Arae Otgoreo Makki
Supported Body Block Momtong Kodureo Makki
Supported Low Block Arae Kodureo Makki
Pushing Block Hecho Makki
Diamond Block Keumgang Makki



Kick     Chagi
Front Kick Ap Chagi
Side Kick Yop Chagi
Roundhouse Kick Dollyo Chagi
Axe Kick Nareyo Chagi
Back Kick Dit Chagi
Reverse Turning Kick Mom-Dollyo Chagi


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