Hills District Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo & Hapkido

TKD Kids Grading

General Grading Information

In Taekwondo, we use a Belt Ranking system to reflect a student's experience and training level. Periodically through the year, a session is held to assess each student's skill to the next level. This is known as a Grading.

Grading Week is usually held three times a year. Every effort is made to release the dates and times as early as possible to assist with scheduling.

Grading is an IMPORTANT part of your journey, not only providing you with the next rank but also experience in confidence and performing under pressure, both life skills that are very important to develop!

TKD Kids Belts

TKD Kids follow a specific TKD Kids Belt System.

Students begin with a White Belt and work their way towards Junior Black Belt. When a TKD Kid moves to the older class with their belt, they are an ADVANCED WHITE BELT and will continue through the Junior Belt System (Full Yellow Belt at the first Grading).


TKD Kids Grading

The Taekwondo Kids follow a modified Taekwondo Syllabus suitable to the ages of four to six years. Due to their age, Gradings are about encouragement and acknowledging the hard work they have done rather than testing. Students perform their techniques for their parents and demonstrate their spirit and improvement.

TKD Kids are issued with a Grading Recommendation based on their effort and attendance. These need to be completed and returned to the front desk by the Friday prior to Grading Week.

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