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Junior Taekwondo Grading


General Grading Information

In Taekwondo, we use a Belt Ranking system to reflect a student's experience and training level. Periodically through the year, a session is held to assess each student's skill to the next level. This is known as a Grading.

Grading Week is usually held three times a year. Every effort is made to release the dates and times as early as possible to assist with scheduling.

Grading is an IMPORTANT part of your journey, not only providing you with the next rank but also experience in confidence and performing under pressure, both life skills that are very important to develop!

Junior Taekwondo Belts

Juniors follow the Gup Grades (White Belt, 9th Gup to 1st Gup, and Cho Dan Bo). In our Junior Class, each Gup is represented by a different belt.


Junior Taekwondo Belt Levels



9th Gup


8th Gup


7th Gup


6th Gup


5th Gup


4th Gup


3rd Gup


2nd Gup


1st Gup


Cho Dan Bo

Red and Black

1st Poom Black


Junior Taekwondo Stripes

Throughout the semester, Juniors will work to earn FOUR STRIPES on their current belt. Each stripe corresponds to one part of the syllabus, and having four stripes signifies that the student should be ready for Grading. The four stripes are;

1st Stripe

Technical Skills
2nd Stripe

3rd Stripe

4th Stripe



Junior Taekwondo Grading

Our Junior Taekwondo is a full Taekwondo Syllabus suitable to young bodies and minds from the ages of seven to seventeen. Students are graded on their specific belt syllabus. All techniques that are performed in Grading are learned during regular training sessions, and students will be recommended to grade when they have mastered their syllabus.

In order to receive a Grading Recommendation, students must have satisfactory attendance and have earned five stripes on their belt. Instructors will then issue a recommendation formg, which must be completed and returned the Friday prior to Grading.

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