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Black Belt Gradings


Earning your Black Belt is a great achievement. Most people begin Martial Arts with the goal of reaching their Black Belt, and it is one of the most identifiable aspects of Martial Arts training. However, BLACK BELT IS NOT THE END! While it is a huge milestone, earning your Black Belt shows that you are now an ADVANCED BEGINNER, with all the tools necessary to start honing your skills and building your ability towards Mastery!

There are many more skills to learn, and your previous skills have not yet reached their full potential. Remember that Martial Arts is a lifelong journey, and after you achieve your Black Belt, it's time to look to the future!

Black Belt Ranks

Once you reach Black Belt, you are known as either a 1st Dan or 1st Poom.

  • Poom is the Junior Rank for students under the age of 15yrs.
  • Dan is the Senior Rank for students 15yrs and over.

This is your first step towards your journey BEYOND BLACK BELT. You will continue to train and move forward, learning new Poomsae, Self-Defence skills, advanced applications of techniques and fully refining your basics.

At Hills District Martial Arts we also include Bo Dan ranks. These are provisional ranks between each Dan/Poom level. Full Black Belt ranks can sometimes have a number of years between them as a minimum requirement. Our Bo Dan system helps keep our students sharp between their full ranks by providing a provisional grading. Poom or Dan ranks are signified with a gold stripe on the belt. Bo Dan ranks are signified with a white stripe.

Bo Dan ranks can be tested for after a MINIMUM of half your total required time has passed for your full rank. Students must be the appropriate Bo Dan prior to testing for their full Dan/Poom level.

Black Belt Levels

1st Dan/Poom

1 Gold Stripe

2nd Bo Dan

1 Gold/1 White

2nd Dan/Poom

2 Gold

3rd Bo Dan

2 Gold/1 White

3rd Dan/Poom

3 Gold

4th Bo Dan

3 Gold/1 White

4th Dan

4 Gold

5th Bo Dan

4 Gold/1 White

5th Dan

5 Gold

6th Bo Dan

5 Gold/1 White

6th Dan

6 Gold

7th Bo Dan

6 Gold/1 White

7th Dan

7 Gold

8th Bo Dan

7 Gold/1 White

8th Dan

8 Gold

9th Bo Dan

9 Gold/1 White

9th Dan

9 Gold

Black belt Taekwondo Grading

Black Belt Gradings are serious events full of very skilled Martial Artists from all ages of the club. Gradings include a wide range of skills including Technique, Sparring, Poomsae, Self-Defence, Knife and Ground Defence, Step Sparring, Fitness and Board Breaking.

Grading at Black Belt level is strictly by recommendation only. Instructors will approach members when a Grading is approaching and the student is deemed to be ready. There are some important etiquette points to consider as a student for Black Belt Grading.

  • Students should not ask Instructors to be recommended. Instructors will approach students when they are seen to be ready.
  • Students should be attending regular classes. Dedication is a MUST.
  • Minimum time is only one requirement. Students should not assume they are DUE for a Grading just because their certificate date is approaching.
  • Attitude in class and daily life is one of the most important prerequisites.

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