Hills District Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo & Hapkido

Adult Taekwondo Grading


General Grading Information

In Taekwondo, we use a Belt Ranking system to reflect a student's experience and training level. Periodically through the year, a session is held to assess each student's skill to the next level. This is known as a Grading.

Grading Week is usually held three times a year. Every effort is made to release the dates and times as early as possible to assist with scheduling.

Grading is an IMPORTANT part of your journey, not only providing you with the next rank but also experience in confidence and performing under pressure, both life skills that are very important to develop!

Adult Taekwondo Belts

Adults follow the Gup Grades (White Belt, 9th Gup to 1st Gup, and Cho Dan Bo). In our Adult Class, each third Gup rank (9th Gup, 6th Gup, 3rd Gup) is represented by a different belt, while others are signified by a stripe on the current belt.

Adult Taekwondo Belt Levels



9th Gup

Yellow (1 Stripe)

8th Gup

Yellow (2 Stripes)

7th Gup

Yellow (3 Stripes)

6th Gup

Blue (1 Stripe)

5th Gup

Blue (2 Stripes)

4th Gup

Blue (3 Stripes)

3rd Gup

Red (1 Stripe)

2nd Gup

Red (2 Stripes)

1st Gup

Red (3 Stripes)

Cho Dan Bo

Red (Black Stripe)

1st Poom Black


Adult Taekwondo Grading

Our Adult Taekwondo is a full Taekwondo Syllabus. All actions required in Grading are taught and practiced during regular class, and students are recommended to grade when they have mastered their syllabus.

In order to be recommended, Adults must demonstrate dedication through their attendance, and have the corresponding skill level of their rank. All Adults are recommended verbally by Instructors and added to the list afterwards.

Due to the Morning and Night classes, Adults have two seperate opportunities to grade depending on their availability.

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