Hills District Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo & Hapkido

Member Information


Hi Members! It's important to keep up with all the important information, refresh some previous knowledge or learn something new that you may have missed! Martial Arts is a constant journey and there's always something more to learn!

Make sure you're as familiar with our club as you can be and check out the below links for some very useful information for new, experienced and returning members!


Club Rules

Important information for all members on what is and isn't acceptable as a member or guest of our club, and inside our training center.

The Oaths

The promises that we make to ourselves as a part of our Martial Arts Journey. Make sure you learn the words and more importantly what they mean to you!


Your Belt

What does your belt mean and what is it besides a way to tie your uniform together? Click the link and read all about it.


As a part of the traditional Korean roots of our arts, we use many Korean words and names for techniques. Have a read through and start learning now!

The Point System

Our Kids and Junior program uses a Point Reward System. Find out how it works!

The Star System

We encourage our students to be a Star both in and outside the Dojang! Read about our Star System and how your child can take the first steps to becoming a Star!

Getting the Most From Hills District Martial Arts

We encourage all members to get the best value they can from their membership! Check out some important information on how you as a student or parent can maximise the benefits from Martial Arts Training.


TKD Kids Grading

All the important information you need to know about the TKD Kids Gradings!

Junior Taekwondo Grading

Information about your Junior Taekwondo Grading and the Belt/Stripe System.

Adult Taekwondo Grading

Everything you need to know about your Adult Taekwondo Grading and Belt System.

Black Belt Grading

Black Belt is not the end of your journey! Read here about what is Beyond Black Belt!



Got a question about any of the above information? Head on over to our Frequently Asked Questions, Contact Us or have a chat with one of our friendly instructors after your next class!

Been a member for a while? Head on over to our Reviews page and let others know about your Taekwondo journey!

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