Hills District Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo & Hapkido

Haidong Gumdo


Haidong Gumdo classes are available to both Juniors (9-14yrs) and Adults (15yrs+). Haidong Gumdo is a modern Martial Art based on ancient battlefield techniques using the sword. Training revolves around building skill, fitness, finesse and control over the weapon and the self.

Haidong Gumdo classes are highly disciplined with a great emphasis on responsible training and focus. It is perfect for students of all ages and body types. Gumdo will assist you in losing weight as well as building strength and mental fortitude.

What will I learn?

Haidong Gumdo classes revolve around the use of the Sword and developing the self to be sharper than any weapon. Class content includes basic Physical Conditioning, Technical Cutting, Meditation Breathing, Target Cutting, Gumbub (Patterns), Sparring and more.

As you progress you will build your skill with the sword and be able to perform more dynamic and complex actions which are truly beautiful to behold!

More Information?

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What's the next step?

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