Hills District Martial Arts: Taekwondo, Haidong Gumdo & Hapkido

Tournaments - 2019


What a performance by the team at FOrster! A total of 30 Gold, 10 Silver and 6 Bronze! All players took part in multiple divisions and events and SMASHED IT! Our team consisted of only 12 members (smaller than most years we attend), however there was no drop in impact as our team truly shone with all their skill and intensity!

The divisions we participated in were Poomsae, Pair and Team Poomsae, Breaking, Weapon Demonstration, Sparring and Self-Defence.

A special mention to our senior members Kern Sharma, Noah Grofski, Harrison Howard, Callum Ide and Joseph Mathias for helping Mr Justin all day to coach, score, referee and more.

Special trophies also awarded to Harrison Howard (Outstanding Junior), Joseph Mathias (Poomsae Award), Jack Strawhan (Outstanding Technical), Emily Seow and Ankhita Sekhar (Rising Stars). 





A good day of results and improvement for the Poomsae Squad at the NSW State Championships. Training has been paying off for all members. Well done to all! 

Special mention to Jack Strawhan and Alona Loria for participating in their first State Championships, and our current State Champions Ariana Burgio, Luca Burgio, Alona Loria, Emily Seow, Noah Grofski and Mr Justin. 

  • Mr Justin Gold x2
  • Mr Noah Gold, Bronze
  • Emily Seow Gold, Bronze
  • Ariana Burgio Gold
  • Luca Burgio Gold
  • Alona Loria Gold
  • Justine Hauser Silver
  • Jack Strawhan Bronze


Haidong Gumdo State Championships

Over the weekend, HDMA students took part in the FIRST EVER New South Wales Haidong Gumdo State Championships. It was fantastic to see our members out on the mat setting a great standard for our Haidong Gumdo program and displaying the skills that they have spent years working on.

This first competition focussed on four main disciplines, Gumbub (Patterns), Sparring, Paper Cutting and Sword Dance. This was also the first ever competition to pioneer the use of the Point Sparring system as compared to the currently used Continuous Sparring system.

All members participated in Gumbub, with the majority also taking part in the Paper Cutting event. Gerry Kain also represented HDMA in the sparring, where his match was so tightly contested, it proceeded to a fourth round Golden Point (in which the winner of the match is decided by the first point in the round). Gerry fought hard and came away with the victory.

In total, our members brought home 8 Gold, 5 Silver and 1 Bronze! We are looking forward to the next event!

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