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Taekwondo in the Community


HDMA hosted an exceptional group of young ladies over the weekend for a special Taekwondo session to promote health, fitness and safety in the community. All of these young ladies are involved in their local church community giving back to the kids at St Paul's Castle Hill. It was great to see a group of strong young women who were confident to take on new challenges and give their all in a brand new sport! The session was based around encouraging Safety in the community and building both physical and emotional strength and confidence to deal with adversity and danger.

Well done ladies! 

If your community group or business is interested in organising a Seminar or Small Group session, please contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

May 2019 Haidong Gumdo Grading


Nine years of Haidong Gumdo Gradings and still performing at an exceptional level. Our Haidong Gumdo group put on a great Grading for Master Sam full of Spirit, Instensity and great technical skill. Master Sam was very impressed with the level of skill of our members and spoke very highly of the skill presented.

A special congratulations to Mr Noah Grofski and Ross Mackay for achieving their 3rd Dan in Haidong Gumdo. This now qualifies both as 3rd Dan Black belt in two Martial Arts, an accomplishment not many can claim! Also to Cynthia Murray who graduated to 2nd Dan after many years of training, grading and competing in Haidong Gumdo both Nationally and Internationally.

Now is a great time to give Haidong Gumdo a go! Talk to Mr Justin for more information.


NSW Autumn State Championships



A good day of results and improvement for the Poomsae Squad at the NSW State Championships. Training has been paying off for all members. Well done to all!

Special mention to Jack Strawhan and Alona Loria for participating in their first State Championships, and our current State Champions Ariana Burgio, Luca Burgio, Alona Loria, Emily Seow, Noah Grofski and Mr Justin. 

  • Mr Justin Gold x2
  • Mr Noah Gold, Bronze
  • Emily Seow Gold, Bronze
  • Ariana Burgio Gold
  • Luca Burgio Gold
  • Alona Loria Gold
  • Justine Hauser Silver
  • Jack Strawhan Bronze

Autumn Gup Grading Report



No better way to start the year that with the Autumn Gup Grading! This was our first ever grading with the new age group classes and was a fantastic experience for all involved!

HDMA hosted 7 Gradings over 4 days throughout the Grading Week.

  • 3 to 4yrs - Fantastic first Grading and amazing energy!
  • 5 to 6yrs - Great demonstration of skill for our parents and instructors!
  • 7 to 9yrs - Impressive Breaking skills!
  • 10 to 12yrs - Good performance in Poomsae and Sparring.
  • 13 to 16yrs - Solid basic skills and Poomsae performances.
  • Adult Morning - Amazing energy and skill.
  • Adult Night - Much improved Breaking and Pad Kicking Skills.

Congratulations and WELCOME to Black Belt to the following students!

  • Hannah McEwan
  • Ruby Sandlin
  • Alanah McEwan
  • Isabella Bounassif
  • James Bounassif
  • Zain Cannoth
  • Zishan Cannoth
  • Isabella Lawton
  • Shannon Sandlin
  • Cynthia Lee
  • Diane McEwan

Special Mention to the recipients of the Grading Awards for the Autumn Gup Grading

Improvement Award   Breaking Award     Sparring Award     Poomsae Award

Piper Johnson

Veer Menon

Rachel Honor

Dylan Kiss

Christian Farfoud

Surya Negi

Ernest Davidson

Ankhita Sekhar

David Goh

Dylan Gray

Johnny Yuan

Jiya Sood



Latest News

 Fun Class 2

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 MPOWER Martial Arts Summit

Miss Yokk and Mr Justin were very honoured to be invited along to attend the 2019 MPower Martial Arts Business and Education Summit on the Gold Coast. The event was a fantastic experience, full of great information and education on both Martial Arts and Business.

The event was attended by over 300 great martial artists and business owners of varying experience levels. Mr Justin and Miss Yokk both learned a great deal and are looking forward to attending again next year!

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