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MPower Martial Arts Summit



Miss Yokk and Mr Justin were very honoured to be invited along to attend the 2019 MPower Martial Arts Business and Education Summit on the Gold Coast. The event was a fantastic experience, full of great information and education on both Martial Arts and Business.

The event was attended by over 300 great martial artists and business owners of varying experience levels. Mr Justin and Miss Yokk both learned a great deal and are looking forward to attending again next year!

Black Belt Grading and Celebration!



A fantastic way to end the year! Saturday began with our second Black Belt Grading for the year, and concluded with our Black Belt Celebration Dinner.

A Black Belt Grading is a high level event where our long time members are able to grade for the next level of Black Belt. As you can imagine, it's a great spectacle full of skill, passion and awesome performances. Thirteen members attended the Grading to level up, and each gave the Instructors multiple reasons to approve the new ranks! The entire group demonstrated good energy through their Kihap, and a good improvement in Self Defence and Step Sparring.

The Grading covered a wide variety of Technical, Self Defence, Sparring, Breaking and Poomsae aspects from our syllabus. A Black Belt Grading is a daunting and exhausting experience, but our members handled it with dignity and pride.

We would like to give a special thank you to our supporting members who came, watched and assisted in the Grading despite not being involved directly. We are a family at HDMA and love to see the support from everyone, and hope to see even more in the future!




Following the Grading, we held our annual Black Belt Celebration. It was a nice way to unwind and bond with our Black Belt Family after a long year. We always look forward to the event, this time hosted at Dural Terrace Chinese Cuisine. We had more than 30 guests attending and enjoying the night, from Juniors to Seniors.

We look forward to another event in the future with our constantly growing Black Belt Family, and hope that even more of you can join us in the future!

To all of our Colour Belts, we look forward to seeing you earn that Black Belt and come and join us for Dinner in Celebration!


Latest News

 Fun Class 2

Keep up with all our latest and classic news including Gradings, Tournaments, Special Events, Announcements and more! Check back frequently for weekly updates!


 2018 October Gup Grading


A clean sweep! Every single Grading was extremely impressive this time around! Each group built upon the previous Gradings this year and brought a great performance to finish our 2018 Gup Gradings.

On Monday our 7-10yrs showed amazing energy and enthusiasm for Taekwondo with impressive Breaking and Poomsae.

On Tuesday our Adults demonstrated their excellent Poomsae and Technical Kicking with a focus on power.

Wednesday our HUGE TKD Kids and 11-14yr Gradings showed great patience and discipline through long Gradings with the Kids showing great Focus and 11-14yrs demonstrating amazing Poomsae.

Congratulations and welcome to our newest Black Belts, and best of luck for the next step in your Taekwondo Journey!

TKD Kids Junior Black
  • Lucian Paterson
  • Angus Tooke
  • Ellanoura Fattah
1st Poom Black Belts
  • Georgia Hogan
  • Sebastian Bounassif
  • Joshua Lawton
1st Dan Black Belts
  • James Starmach
Congratulations as well to our recipients of the Junior Taekwondo Awards:
  • Poomsae Award - Ariana Burgio, Rose Sandlin, Leo Hanlin
  • Sparring Award - Eric Gao, Ben Thant, Kintan Agarwal
  • Breaking Award - Raunek Singh, Jamal Fattah, Mathew Goh
  • Most Improved - Ruby Sandlin, Mahira Menon, Poppy Sinodinos 



 Haidong Gumdo Grading

A very high level performance from our Haidong Gumdo Juniors and Seniors at the Grading over the weekend. Everyone showed great improvement and effort in all aspects of the Grading. The paper cutting performances were a great feature and showcased the student's abilities in speed and accuracy.

A big congratulations to Christian Shadwick who graded for his SECOND DAN in Haidong Gumdo. Christian is one of our few members who currently holds multiple Black Belts (the other in Taekwondo).

We look forward to seeing an even more impressive performance next time as the standard of HDMA Gumdo continues to grow!



Active Kids Provider Approval!

Hills District Martial Arts has now officially been recognised as an Active Kids Approved Provider! The Active Kids initiative is a great program introduced by the NSW Government to encourage more participation in sport and assist families with membership and participation costs.

Please ensure you are familiar with the rules surrounding using your voucher. Vouchers can only be used for membership and participation fees, not equipment and other miscellaneous fees (such as Gradings).

You can head to the Active Kids Website to claim your voucher NOW!



 Mr Justin on NBN News

NBN News was in attendance at the Forster Development Competition over the weekend to do a story on the competition and it's competitors. Mr Justin was fortunate enough to be featured in the report with some footage of his Poomsae and a small part of his interview was aired as well!

Click the image above to watch the report on NBN News!


2018 June Gup Grading


Wow, what a fantastic Grading! It was clear how hard every member has worked and how important their new level was to them, and everyone put in a great performance. Each session was exciting to attend, progressed smoothly and efficiently and showcased everyone's skill in the best light possible.

TKD Kids

Having 40 kids under the age of 7 in one room sounds a bit difficult doesn't it? Not our TKD Kids! They showed their Self-Control and Focus and made the Grading a true testament to the value of our TKD Kids program!

7-10yrs Juniors

This was possibly the most impressive Grading the 7-10yr group has ever done! Despite a few nerves, everyone overcame and put in great performances in all areas. This included great improvement in both Breaking and Poomsae!

11-14yrs Juniors

Definitely the largest group we've had in this age group for a long time, many of our students have moved up in age from the previous class, but showed no hesitation in performing to the best of their ability. Very impressive Breaking skills this time around!

Adult Morning

Always impressive to see the way they get after it! A large variety of disciplines are tested in the Adult Gradings and they performed well in all of them! One excellent highlight was to watch all the 7th Gup students break their boards with extremely high jumps in their Flying Side Kick!

Adult Night

This was the smallest Grading of the week, but they didn't let that stop them. Seven students put on an energetic and exciting display including improved performances in Breaking and Poomsae


Congratulations to the following students who earned their 1st degree Black Belts at this Grading! You definitely did the club and yourselves proud.

  • Antonia Lahood
  • Shane Daley
  • Charbel Kazzi
  • Amelia Kazzi
  • Madeleine Sandlin
  • Joel Holik
  • Diego Stratton
  • Breanna Rochester
Also well done to the recipients of our Grading Trophies!

  • Breaking Award (Riley James, Chelsie Nader, Michael Novak)
  • Poomsae Award (Chantelle Choi, Jayden Susanto, Grace Cavanagh)
  • Sparring Award (Carter Garth, Mahi Shah, Antonia Lahood)
  • Most Improved (Chase Appleroth, Isabelle Sarkis, Zishan Cannoth)

 black belt lunch 2018


 It was great to see so many of our Black Belts, both Junior and Senior, gather together to share a meal at the start of the year!

It's a great sign for the success to come in the year. We're looking forward to seeing many more Black Belts achieved this year and having an even bigger lunch next time!

 Colour belt gup gradings

There were a lot of great performances at all of our Gradings this time around. Master Sam was impressed with the entire group, and everyone put their best foot forward!

Our new Belt and Stripe System for the Juniors has been working well to ensure everyone is staying up to date with their syllabus and both setting and achieving goals regularly.

Congratulations to our New BLACK BELT members who have passed their Grading and begun the next stage of their journey!

 black belt gradings

All members present put in a great effort to show the results of their training. For our new members: Black Belt Gradings require a much longer training period in between, often taking multiple years before the next level can be reached. Over 20 members were in attendance to move forward in their Black Belt Journey. Below is a list of the attendees and the rank they achieved.

  • Jutta Giggenbach (5th Dan)
  • Lisa Rossi (4th Dan)
  • Kern Sharma, Ryan Toby, Nathan Cardona, Christian Shadwick, Joseph Mathias (4th Dan Bo)
  • Solomon Foo, Madison Cali, Renae Cali (3rd Dan)
  • Jane Estrella, Nathan Jenkins, Margaret Howard (2nd Dan)
  • Emily Seow, Lucy Brown (2nd Poom)
  • Alona Loria, Kristy Napoli (2nd Bo Dan)
  • Daniel Cook, Oliver Cook, Jack Strawhan, Montana Napoli (2nd Bo Poom)

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